Ways to Share Constitution Booklets

Sharing the Constitution can be fun! Here are some ways to share the Constitution with your friends and family:

  1. How about using the Constitution booklets as unique dinner party place settings, so each guest gets one as a take-home gift.
  2. Leave these Constitution booklets at your gym's magazine rack by the cardio equipment.
  3. Mail them to your representatives!
  4. Hole punch the corner of the booklet and use a colorful ribbon to make a ornament to hang from the Christmas tree.
  5. Make it a class project! Have your students create their own pocket Constitutions.
  6. Hand these Constitution booklets out to trick-or-treaters at Halloween...but don't forget the candy!
  7. Leave a few in your doctors' offices.
  8. This booklet makes a great stocking stuffer!
Tip: Use different colors of paper for various holidays and themes.