Constitution Booklet Testimonials

"I am so glad to have discovered this website by google-ing it. I was thinking to find a supplier to buy copies from.

(In your video) I believe it was very helpful as a reminder to use a highlighter to highlight the website and the words "Share it" on the last page so as to stimulate the reader to play an active role in propagating the Constitution."


"Easy and quick. A good tool for teachers and to send to your friends. Thank you guys."
--Shannon Armstrong, founder South Florida 912

"Thank you for designing this. I was trying to make my own to give away to family and friends and was having a trouble making it all look right. Your site makes it simple and easy. It is only from the people that our great country will be restored back to following the Constitution as written and envisioned by our founders. If We The People donít know the Constitution, We The People will never know when our rights are being violated. Thank you again for making this tool to teach my kids and complete strangers in airports about their rights. God bless you and God bless America!"

"This is great. Thank you!"

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